Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Total Niceness - Birthday special - 11th October - I am Serious

Its my disreputable bastard little brothers birthday next tuesday an we've decided to celebrate it down the old inigo at our jolly total niceness bi-weekly bashment. As he is 19 this year (he can't be any older i'm sure) it should be a more civilised affair, that is if he's allowed in because i think he pissed off the manager about a month ago by being really loud outside afterwards so hopefully he been down there and kissed some ass or he won't be allowed to his own party. Any lets get down to the serious business, the music..................................

For this musical celebration of the little scumbag i've let him have some hand in what music is being played and although i refused to let him play his classic spice girls and mr blobby set i did give him some options on what djs would be playing for his and your audio delectation. Asever the evening is starting off with the one and only Benergy, who reujmour has it has got hold of some new records and will be entertaining and amusing us with a selection of breaks and prog-house between the hours of 8 and 1030 although we usually turn up a bit late so it will most likely be 830 onwards. Second to grace the decks will be the one and only Blunote who is a welcome return to the total niceness stable after a couple years spent wandering in the wilderness of bristol. Blunote is garunteed to inject both some fun and some funk into your evening with a selection of phat hip hop beats mixed with scrathing and juggling and all sorts of deck trickery which i would have problems explaing let alone performing (thats why i have my helpful sidekick idle for that technical bizzle. Standard). Next up we have the one and only Luke Envoy who is playing another of his now infamous hip hop sets although this time its gonna be for all the right reasons, he swears he'll only plasy tunes with guns shot noises in them if they are grime tunes, which is fine by me. Anyway hes gonna crunk the party up with some large hip hop cuts which me bro has even had a hand in suggesting a few (this maybe a very bad idea going on my brothers tastes but i reckon i can trust envoy on this one). Last but by no means least its (delsa) me and the old boy dj Idle, we're gonna amaze and amuse, toment and confuse anyone who is still there and ive even bought myself some new breaks tunes for the occassion evgen though i'm stil langushing in poverty out here in the sticks in brizzle. In all seriousness though me and Idle will be injecting a large quotant of electro tinged breakbeats and and sub bass harmonisation. Watch this space this ones gonna be big, ish.

Full line up:

Benergy 8-1030

Blunote 1030-1130

Duke Envoy 1130-1230

Delsa vs Idle 1230-2

free entry all night

Inigo 2 am Bar
642 Wandsworth road SW8

clapham common tube
clapham junction BR
Buses 77,77a,137,345

info: 07947360859

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