Friday, October 07, 2005

News Flash

Due to my recently getting a new job, (i was successful in my interview this morning woot) there will be a few changes to the line up on tuesday because i am unable to play the last set as i have to be back in brizzle me nizzle for a nine oclock start on wednesday due to this me and idle will be cancelling to a later date and the one and only original grandad of breakbeat mr clive morely will be stepping in to take mine and regs slot. This is probable a blessing in disguise cos as clive is riding high moment following his success air/platform 12 boat party and his first set at fabric (fanfares allround). Anyway i'll be stepping uup for a quick set earlier on sometime before blunote so i wont be disapearing from the line up entirely although i wont have idle dropping fat scratching and ghye old skool (which maybe a blessing too, the old skool or lack of)

Anyway respect on the streets and all that caper as we like to say down in balham. I'll see anyone and everyone there on the 11th then im off to start my new life in bristol as my first ever office job. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, verily.

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