Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Yep that's right one of Intergrate's founding fathers - George Rosco is turrning 23 and tonight we dedicate an evening of Total Niceness to him.
Delsa has already achieved legendary status as a master piss artist on big occasions and hopefully we can aid him on his way to a memorable 2 day midweek hangover !
As you can see from the picture he doesn’t mind a drink or 2 whilst at the controls - Please don’t be alarmed by his relaxed pose, I can assure you that after 8 pints his musical skills reach new heights.
I think I have even heard that in the past a few 'sherbets' have given him the encouragement to try his hand at MC'ing over Happy Hardcore - don't worry though no mic will reach his grasp tonight and for the record I will not and have never indulged in the public airing of Happy Hardcore - case closed.
91-93 Hardcore - well that's a different story, one that must be told over again to educate the crowds of today in raw ruff beats.
Anyway enough preaching - Spirits and mixers are 2 for 1 before 10pm and with a champagne raffle later in the night I am sure that Mr Delsa will be well on the way to birthday oblivion come 2am.
Oh and watch out for a fix in that raffle - me and the whole crowd on the Bristol leg of the Kid Koala tour a couple of years back witnessed George brazenly cheat at bingo - low behaviour Delsa - tut tut tut !

Happy Birthday mate

Total Niceness - Birthday special - 8th November

Thats right its another installment of total niceness and as ever we have some audio treats and treasures for..................................

Tonight we have from the soundcistren extrodinaire Armatage Skanks the one and only boywonder who appears once again to shake you into submission with his versatilke selection of breaks ranging from funked up booty shakers to bass bin rattlers. Also tonight we have the original old boys, the Das meisters who never fail to represent, As ever we are without the professor because he got school and hes a good lad so he wont be coming, hes a teacher so i suppose he got to set a good example. Paul Torch and Gillotron though will be amazing and exciting us with a touch of electro, a slice of booty bass and a healthy injection of the nu skool business, there will probable be a touch of acid house too if they are up to there usual tricks. Also tonight we have Myself and Idle who will be providing the mid eveniung entertainment which i can garuntee will be exciting, delighting adn possible quite frightening if reg starts playing that bloody old skool again. In all seriousness though it should be banger with me and idle providing some bass tinged beats with a healthly injection of dubwise vibes from me and possible a few exclusives, Idle will be scratching it up as ever and taking the vibe a bit more out there probable to the realms of electro and far beyond. Benergy, the worlds best resident and my tireless promotional partner will be starting things off as ever with his blend of breaks, electro and prog house, all done with a smile and whilst drinking some sort of dodgy looking shooter. I digress..............................................

Full line up:

Benergy 8-9
Das Meisters (Paul Torch & Gillotron) 9-11
Delsa Vs Idle 11-1230
Boywonder 1230-2

free entry all night

Inigo 2 am Bar
642 Wandsworth road SW8

clapham common tube
clapham junction BR
Buses 77,77a,137,345

info: 07947360859

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Total Niceness Radio Show Launches - 8th Novemeber

Yes thats right, the total niceness radio show is finally being launched. For the last few months ive been jabbering onb to anyone who will listen about the new radio show that im starting on tuesday afternoons of all times, yes thats right catch myself delsa every tuesday from 1-3 GMT rinsing it out on www.nuskoolbreaks.co.uk/radio
Every week I'm going to have guest mixes from a vast selection of old and new faces from london, bristol and beyond, plus some sort of competitionage. We will also have a little slot im calling grime corner, where i'll be updating and educating those who know and those who don't know about some of the new dubstep and grime beats that have been undulating my speakers for the last week, with some regular bass bin burners from established artists and also some hidden gems from some undiscovered talent. Also we will have updates of all of the total niceness events and some info of any gigs im doing to.

So remember Total Niceness - Working Lunch with Delsa and special Guests.