Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Yep that's right one of Intergrate's founding fathers - George Rosco is turrning 23 and tonight we dedicate an evening of Total Niceness to him.
Delsa has already achieved legendary status as a master piss artist on big occasions and hopefully we can aid him on his way to a memorable 2 day midweek hangover !
As you can see from the picture he doesn’t mind a drink or 2 whilst at the controls - Please don’t be alarmed by his relaxed pose, I can assure you that after 8 pints his musical skills reach new heights.
I think I have even heard that in the past a few 'sherbets' have given him the encouragement to try his hand at MC'ing over Happy Hardcore - don't worry though no mic will reach his grasp tonight and for the record I will not and have never indulged in the public airing of Happy Hardcore - case closed.
91-93 Hardcore - well that's a different story, one that must be told over again to educate the crowds of today in raw ruff beats.
Anyway enough preaching - Spirits and mixers are 2 for 1 before 10pm and with a champagne raffle later in the night I am sure that Mr Delsa will be well on the way to birthday oblivion come 2am.
Oh and watch out for a fix in that raffle - me and the whole crowd on the Bristol leg of the Kid Koala tour a couple of years back witnessed George brazenly cheat at bingo - low behaviour Delsa - tut tut tut !

Happy Birthday mate

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