Thursday, November 03, 2005

Total Niceness Radio Show Launches - 8th Novemeber

Yes thats right, the total niceness radio show is finally being launched. For the last few months ive been jabbering onb to anyone who will listen about the new radio show that im starting on tuesday afternoons of all times, yes thats right catch myself delsa every tuesday from 1-3 GMT rinsing it out on
Every week I'm going to have guest mixes from a vast selection of old and new faces from london, bristol and beyond, plus some sort of competitionage. We will also have a little slot im calling grime corner, where i'll be updating and educating those who know and those who don't know about some of the new dubstep and grime beats that have been undulating my speakers for the last week, with some regular bass bin burners from established artists and also some hidden gems from some undiscovered talent. Also we will have updates of all of the total niceness events and some info of any gigs im doing to.

So remember Total Niceness - Working Lunch with Delsa and special Guests.

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