Monday, September 26, 2005

Total Niceness - Old boy special - 27th September

The second part of this months instalment of total niceness features the return of everyones favourite stately gentlemen the das meisters (sans gary the professor as hes got school) and there old friend mr Idle. Its a bit of an old skool affair in general and we should have andy aka the cats arse (seriously i don't know either) joining procedings aswell to add an air of the unexpected to the procedings. Expect a whirl wind mix of old skool and nu skool breaks with a touch of electro from idle and random mix of everything from house to reggae and back from the cats arse. The Das Meisters will be finishing things off in there own majestic style, so expect electro tinged new skool breaks and maybe a touch of big beat from gillotron. Sadly i won't be attending as i'm busy in bristol, but i shall be back for my little borther Po Po's birthday bash that were having at the first total niceness in October, be warned the 11th will be an explosive affair with mad scratching from atleast three different beat scientists and some familiar deck technicians returning to bombard you with wave apon wave of basslineage.

Full line up for the 27th September :

Cat's Arse
Das Meisters

free entry all night

Inigo 2 am Bar
642 Wandsworth road SW8

clapham common tube
clapham junction BR
Buses 77,77a,137,345

info: 07947360859


Dai Texas said...

ez cats arse

delsa said...

he will indeed take it easy, he was unable to attend cos he was in germany. my bad.