Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Total Niceness 9th August 2005

Total Niceness returns once again to the inigo bar for some more tuesday night stupidness thats garunteed to ruin your wednesday. Tonight we have the myself and mr idle on a three deck mashup thats garunteed to be interesting if nothing else, we'll have the bass cranked up full and people hiding behind the bar to avoid the mashed up frequencys of regs electro tunes. We also have the wonderful das miesters back again ( happy birthday paul) sans the professor as ever. And to finish things off we've got the platform 12 boys, the one and only Clive Morley and the Ladykilla. Benergys warming up the barstaff and local vagrants from 8-9 if anyones up for coming down then ( old benergys pushing for a later set in future which i reckon would be fine if only he'd bought some records a bit more recently, i can deal with all my old tunes getting cained but i dont want him playing them all night). We can expect some varied shit from the das meisters where anything goes, me and idle are gonna be throwing down some raw music from breaks to electro to old skool and a little dubstep and grime from me to garnish. Clive Morley and Ladykilla will provide some straight up party time breaks and i'll expect they'll be reseting the turn tables to a flatter speed after me and idle have been playing everything at +8.

Das miesters
Delsa vs Idle
Clive Morley b2b Lady Killa

free entry all night

Inigo 2 am Bar
642 Wandsworth road SW8

clapham common tube
clapham junction BR
Buses 77,77a,137,345

info: 07947360859

PS. Idle has just done a brand new cd that he'll probable be giving away after printing off hundreds at work today, i'm sure he'll stick something up here about it anyway when he gets round to it and then you'll be able to download it or order a cd off him.

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