Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hello good peoples of the world.

The total niceness show has existed from before the beginning of time and has always sought to bring you new and innovative sounds from around the world. Whether dubstep from the darkest caverns of Bristol, or techno from the wilds of Canada.
Recently there has been a lull in activities and the once heady and exciting guest schedule has become slightly more barren than it once was.

To turn the tables on this turn of events, I shall be reinvigorating the show with lots of new and exciting features including lots more guest to astonish and amaze.

This Sunday we have the return of some very special guests, who were some true originators from the original total niceness parties from the early naughties: The line up has yet to be confirmed but should include: Dj Idle, The Breaks Professor & Paul Torch. More to be confirmed.

Expect the unexpected as ever with everything from Breaks to Techno, Dubstep to House, via Drum & Bass and old skool and back again.

The Das Meisters of whom Mr Torch and Professor are members have been playing breaks since its inception and drum and bass before then, whilst Idle is a hardcore connoisseur and a scratching expert, so its gonna be a a true mix and blend of styles and fashions. As for I, I shall be playing whatever the mood takes me as usual.

Total Niceness with delsa and friends. Sundays 13:00-15:00 GMT

Its the only way to while away the remnants of the weekend

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