Thursday, August 03, 2006

Delsa amazing adventures in and around brizzle

For the last month or so I have been taking a few trips into the surrounding areas of bristol to check out some of the beautiful scenery, eat some pub lunches from some fine west country establishments, smoke a few sneaky spliffs and to get a bit of exercise too. My first trips were based around the muddy old river avon, and the first one I took was to the serene village of pill which I got to via the beautiful ashton court estate where I stopped for a moment to contemplate the deer. The first picture is from the downs where I suveyed my return route through the leighwoods and avon valley nature reserve on the side of the avon coming back into bristol. From here I continued to ashton court and then I had a rather tasty pub lunch in a place called Abbots Leigh on he way, although I thought the folk may be a touch backward there I was releaved to find that they did have a chip and pin card reader for me to buy some food with, sadly it turned out they were a bit slow and they locked me in the garden as they decided to close the pub whilst I was still eating and enjoying my pint. from here i journeyed to Pill which was down a fuck off big hill which was quite fun, I had a rather fun trip back along the river from there but seemed to spend half my time dodging rabbits who seemed to be sun bathing on the path. From here I returned to bristol on the south side and relaxed for a spot of sun bathing on a piece of waste ground which is something south bristol seems to have in large supply.
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Headhunter said...

That sounds about right really... HAHA big up delsa