Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bass Chronicles @ The White Lion 6th May

Yes, Its that time of the month again, pay days should be blossuming as we speak along with the flowers of spring. As we start another month it means its time for another installment of Total Niceness Bass Chronicles and this time we are at number 3 in the series another splendid mash up of all things bass related from Breaks, to Electro via some raw House with a large slice of dubstep if i've got anything to do with it, i might even drop Duppy if i get over excited, down at the White Lion I don't know whether playing that track will get me showered with empties or howered with praise so maybe watch this space.
This month we've got a strictly resisdents special with four members of the hardcore total niceness massive gracing the decks..........................................
Stealing Benergy's thunder and also his first set is non other than myself kickstarting proceedings with some more laidback beats, mayeb some prog and techy breaks, a smatterin of dubstep and possible a spot of electro if im in the mood for it.
Next up and never far from the start of things is Mr Benergy who apart from showcasing a large selection of more uplifting breakbeats and house related bizniz will be charming all and sundry allnight with his wit and easy going banter, if you see him get him a cider or something that looks pretty to drink and you'll hit it off great.
Third in the order of things and central to proceedings is non other than Gus, a Total Niceness trooper through and through whos got us out of a few scrapes in his time. Gus is going to be playing some rasping prog house, as heavy on the bass as it is on the melody. If you've caught any of his sets own at Inigo or at Lovage at the White House, then you'll know your in for a treat.
Last but by no means least we have the one and only electro avenger Dj Idle, whos going going to amaze, confuse, batter and bruise most likely with a et that will truely define bass heavy, with anything from breaks and electro, to old skool hardcore mayhem, although if he starts with the hardcore then i'm heading to the basement.

Full line up:


Entry FREE B4 10pm - £3 thereafter - £1 NUS cardholders & OAP’s !!

The White Lion – 4am Bar

232 Streatham High Road, SW16

Rail : Streatham Hill or Streatham

Bus : 109 / 133 / 333 / 159 / 250 / 118

Info : 07751 654677 or 07917 567887

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