Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Alright intrepid listeners I'm sorry that its been a bit slakc round here of late, we've had a few changes in the total niceness empire and one of those is the end of the Total Niceness bi-weekly Tuesday mashup madness down at Inigo in Battersea, we've had some great times down there over the last two years and I've had some hangovers which are the stuff of legend and enjoyed a lot ofg treats from donna inn returning from there at 3am on a wednesday. Alas all good things must come to an end and since i am based in bristol now, it seems to much stress so we will concentrate our efforts to dominate the whole of South London with our new endevour Bass Chronicles @ the White Lion in sunny Streatham and our other more high end bash at the White House in Clapham. So i slaute all the tuesday troopers who have supported the cause down at Inigo for the last two years and made it down and i hope to see some of you in the future.

On a brighter not I have some an important announcement regarding the radio show, next two weeks are glade replayed and it should be a reet laugh with some exclusive sets from some of the cream oif the breaks world, I've got the awesome PMT and there should be some treats instore for everyone and some exclusive Glade fesival related prizes to.

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