Wednesday, January 25, 2006

If anyone fancies getting down to kent for this then Ii strongly advise it, I am gonna try and trooper across from Bristol to make this, mainly due to the attendance of SOTEG who is making a rare UK performance and is not to be missed. Also, although its not on the poster the Funk Buddha is also making an appearance all the way from Amsterdam and as i have done a radio show before him for the last two months I can proclaim that he will providing a varied selection that will bring the bass and defienatly will not dispapoint. Also Henryo!d and Deadman Dj who I have yet to catch live but i am sure will not disapoint providing electro related action.
Hopefully on my return to Kent for following many japes there in my crazy slighty more youthful and svelte days i won't run into any old adversaries/crazy ex girl friends or any other crazy medway folk i may have upset last time i was there. Anyway the long and the short of it i that if you live in the South east of England and you like electro, breaks and bass, get down to this cos its gonna be large. A little fact for the brainiacs out there the last time I played in a Chatham in Kent was almost 4 years to the day of this event on valentines day. If anyone can tell me which club I played at they can win something really great. Email me @, that email address is not a jone btw.

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