Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Total Niceness @ Inigo 13th Of December

Yes that right it’s the Christmas extravaganza part one featuring some old favourite and some festive new friends. Tonight we have the pleasure of welcoming some new people to the total niceness fold as it were, I'm not religious I’m just trying to sound a little literate. A Couple of new faces today, first off we have a new partner in crime for Mr Benergy, that’s right he's adding a touch of spice to his sets with a new mysterious female dj. So mysterious in fact that I couldn't even tell you her name. My apologies to the lady in question I have this matter rectified I just can't seem to contact Mr Ben at the moment. Suffice to say these too stella individuals will be providing you with some breaks and house related action for the start of your night and I’m sure they will not disappoint. Next up have an old favourite and original total niceness trooper from day one, well almost he has been supporting it ever since we started this at inigo but not from true day when we used to have the health and safety death trap at Medussa (that was awesome btw), I digress. Anyway ~ Mr Rob Focuz from Apply the Breaks one of the top breaks nights in the land. I can tell you from lots of experience that the people of Luton like to party, proper. He will be providing us with some upfront head down dancing music for you to skank out to. Next up we have our other new arrival and future total niceness legend Mr JoeBot, now before I go any further I’d like to apologies to him for my lack of attendance, but nah mean I have to earn my pea or I won' be able to buy records or eat tasty food or do the other things which I love so much (we wont mention my drug habit as that not cool mmkay). Anyway since JoeBot moved to London from Birmingham he’s been putting himself about quite a bit and has recently played various venues around town including the Dogstar and the Telegraph in Brixton with our old friend Mr Plazadefunk another total niceness legend. Sorry I get real side tracked. Joe Bot’s gonna be tickling you musical taste buds with a large selection of tuna, I would have like to stick one of his charts on here’s to give you an idea of what he plays but so far I have been unable to find one suffice to say it will be banging, and not in a hard house way, I hope. I did however manage to find a picture of him which was quite interesting.

The full line up is as follows:

Benergy and Mystery Female 8 - 10:30

Rob Focuz - 10:30 - 12:30

Joe Bot 12:30 - 02:00

free entry all night

Inigo 2 am Bar
642 Wandsworth road SW8

clapham common tube
clapham junction BR
Buses 77,77a,137,345

info: 07947360859


JoeBot said...

That was wicked fun lood forward to commin down again soon


delsa said...

Nice one for playing, i have heard good reports from everyone i knew that was there.